How to setup BAO on your own page?

Why using BAO ?

You are a GBA coder who wrote several demos or free games.
You want to show your stuff directly on your web site?

You work for a GBA software company, you want to attract your visitors?
You think screenshots and movies are boring and not enough interactive?

Well, BoycottAdvance Online (BAO) is for you !
This Java applet has the power to show off the GameboyAdvance power on a web site.
Let people try a beta of your latest game before they can buy it and use it on the real console!
Add dynamic content to your GBA web site and let everyone see your nice GBA demos!
Turn a sad rom link into a very cool link!

How to install BAO ?

First, you need to download the Java runtime.
Download bao.jar (BAO Java Runtime) Then, copy the necessary files at the correct place.
Copy bao.jar in your web site directory (use FTP).
Copy in your web site directory where is a GBA (.bin/.gba) zipped file.

Using one demo (SINGLE APPLET)

Insert the following lines in your HTML code:
<APPLET CODE="boycottadvance" ARCHIVE="bao.jar" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="160">
<PARAM NAME="romfile" VALUE="./">
where is the demo file you want to show.

<A HREF="">
<APPLET CODE="boycottadvance" ARCHIVE="bao.jar" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="160">
<PARAM NAME="romfile" VALUE="./">
</APPLET><BR> Download Rotzoomer demo! </A>

Using multiple demos (SINGLE APPLET)

To use the Rom Selector, you need to setup a directory which contains your files ("roms" is compulsory).
You also need to create a romlist.txt file which lists every file in your directory. Be careful to use filenames without spaces or special characters (# for example). By default, BAO replaces "_" by " " and removes the extension when it shows the Rom Selector. Example:

This is a romlist.txt file, the corresponding files must be in "roms" directory.
The Rom Selector will display:
My first demo
My second demo

<APPLET CODE="boycottadvance" ARCHIVE="bao.jar" WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="160">

This is the HTML lines to insert (notice there is no PARAM entry).


These are the files present on the web site.

Using multiple demos (MULTIPLE APPLET)

As each instance of BAO is very cpu-intensive, it is not possible to use multiple instances of BAO on the same page.
A solution would be to enable/disable one applet instance if the user enter or exit it with the mouse, but it slows down things a lot...
The best way to do something similar is to use window popups that show your demo in action when the user click on a screenshot for example.
Use this javascript to be able to open popup windows for example:
function baopen(i)
// -->

Using the name 'Demo', each instance will use the same window.

<A HREF="JavaScript:baopen('rotzoomer.html')">
<IMG SRC="rotzoomer.jpg">


To really popup the window and bring it to front of the user, use <BODY ONLOAD="focus()"> for example.


Is BAO free of use ?

This software is free but must not be sold or used with commercial roms.
If you decide to use BAO on your pages, be kind to put a greeting or a link to our pages....
Let people know about this product!

Where can I get the latest version of BAO ?

Official Homepage
Latest version

My demo do not work with BAO !

Be sure that only the binary file (.bin/.gba) is in your zipped file.
Activate the Java Console and send us error reports.
If there is no error reports, send us your file.

Can I setup multiple instances of BAO on a same page ?

No but you have two ways to do something similar.

Where can I send you stuff (bug reports, demos)

Send all your stuff here

BoycottAdvance Online (BAO) (c) 2001 Emu5Ever
Gameboy Advance (GBA) (c) 2001 Nintendo